Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd.  
LME Registered Brand HK970R

Products and Services

Types of products

Battery Alloys
We manufacture All Specified Battery Makers Alloys with special attention given to providing our customers preferred levels of alloying elements eg. antimony, tin, arsenic, copper, selenium, silver, calcium and aluminium to ensure an excellent operating performance.
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Calcium Alloys
Special care and strict procedures are applied in the preparation and manufacture of a full Range of Calcium, Tin, Lead alloys where purity and also the very important process which provides the reduction of all dross forming elements. This creates a very high quality alloy. Calcium alloys are specifically used for Positive and Negative Battery Grids and also for Electrowinning Anodes.
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Antimony Alloys
A full range of antimonial alloys are made to customers specifications with particular emphasis on all elements which are important to remain in specification when ingots are used in production. These alloys are made primarily for Lead Acid Battery Makers, Lead Products for Extrusion, Nuclear Shielding and Special Applications , Munitions, Ballast etc.
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Company Information

Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd is the leading secondary lead smelter in the Middle East. The operation produces high quality lead and lead alloys which are supplied to the producers of all types of Lead Batteries and to the manufacturers of many other types of lead products which include, extrusions, castings and sheet. Seventy percent (70%) of our production is exported to our numerous foreign customers in Europe, Africa and India.
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