Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd.  
LME Registered Brand HK970R


Company management considers achieving quality products and  services it provides its customers as the tools to achieving its goals.
The company operates to continuously improve the work processes and procedures to meet the 2008 standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 rules, orders, and standards applicable to products adopted as the basis for building an advanced quality system.
The company is working to build a reputation as a leader both on a professional and technological level when it comes to its products.
The company is meeting customer deadlines, streamlining processes and achieving reliability of its products in compliance with requirements and customer expectations.
The company guides and trains its employees, by providing training programs at all levels to implement behavioral qualities required by its managers.
The company cares in creating a human infrastructure that would allow advanced, professional and effective competition of the company, while encouraging creative thinking of employees.
The companies' employees are attentive to customer requirements and requests to improve the services and maintenance provided to its products.
The company is creating a working relationship with the customer  that will enable production of matching products best suited to their needs, means and personnel at his disposal.
The Company accounts for rapid and proper solutions for customer complaints and concerns in order to identify problem areas and to carry out required corrective measures.
Company management considers suppliers and subcontractors integral part of its quality system and therefore interfaces activities and work processes required by the parties are set and summarized.
Company management develops appropriate tools for data collection and detection of irregular activities to perform corrective and preventive actions.
The Company's management operates according to specific objectives that are effective tools to measure quality improvement / and effectiveness. Objectives and measures shall be analyzed and presented in the framework of periodic management reviews.
The company has and maintains environmental policies to prevent hazardous emissions to the environment, mainly in clean air , including massive investment standards and monitoring measures to ensure compliance with policy rules.
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