Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd.  
LME Registered Brand HK970R


The first recorded use of lead was in 5000 B.C. by the Egyptians who used lead for construction and ornamentation. Today, lead continues to be widely used in today's modern society. Its low melting point and high density make it easy to handle and shape.
Lead is sourced equally from mines and recycling (secondary). The latter is a growing market and promises to become a dominant one in the future. A proud and respected member of the recycling community, Hakurnas Lead Works continues its commitment to the environment by constantly updating and improving its recycling methods.

Recycling of lead bearing materials must be carried our responsibly with care to ensure that all risks are controlled and minimised.

Hakurnas invests a large portion of its profits into the best-known technologies to meet international standards and maintain the highest health and safety measures for its employees.

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