Hakurnas Lead Works Ltd.  
LME Registered Brand HK970R


The management team of MB and ABG recognize and fully support the need for strong environmental control in all aspects of the facility in Ashdod.

The companies' objective is to protect the working environment and the general environment by applying sound and proven environmental practices throughout the operation.

Battery recycling remains of paramount importance and in recent years the proportion of lead derived from recycled sources has been rapidly increasing.
In this particular area, Hakurnas Lead Works have installed state of the art equipment and technologies which treat lead batteries in a professional and safe manner.
The minimisation of emissions and waste products are positive features of these technological improvements.
The companies' commitment to excellent environmental control is underpinned by having a
policy for continuous improvement which is designed to enable Hakurnas Lead Works to comply with existing and foreseeable changes in environmental legislation.
Our Environmental Officer
Mrs Victoria Shapiro
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