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We lead the lead recyclers in the Middle East and have been a well-known and registered brand in the London Metal Exchange (LME) under the designation HK970R since 2012. Our operation produces high-quality lead and lead alloys, which are supplied to producers of all types of Lead Batteries and the manufacturers of many other lead products, including extrusions, castings, and sheets. 90% of our production is exported to foreign customers in the United States, Europe, and South America.

The company has built a strong reputation within the lead sector for its high quality and unquestionably high efficiency, reliability, and service. Hakurnas Lead Works, Ltd. has made significant investments in recent years, and this will continue as we make every positive effort to comply with current and future environmental requirements. Our lead products consistently meet the highest quality standards the LME sets, with most of our lead refined to 99.985%.

The company aims to maintain a safe place of work for its well-established workforce and to protect the general environment as reasonably practicable. We are committed to delivering excellence in product quality and environmental responsibility as we continue leading the way in the lead recycling industry.

Our Leaders

Inga Tal

Import Export Manager

Miron Badin

CEO and Managing Director

Shahar Cnafo

Plant Manager

Eyal Lessel


About Lead

Lead is one of the first metals used by humans. Ancient lead pipes have been discovered in Egypt dating to the time of the pharaohs, who also used lead to glaze their pottery. When the Earth was formed, lead was a naturally occurring element. It is mined, smelted in a blast furnace (as seen here), and refined to remove other components. Because lead is easily remelted and refined, recycled or secondary lead has always held a significant place in the lead market. Indeed, lead has the highest recycling rate of all industrial metals.

Lead is used by many industries because of its natural properties.



Low Melting Point

Corrosion Resistance

Electrical Properties

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